Berényi CNC is started in 2017 as a one-man business for local companies having a clear and simple objective; improve with our work the quality of parts made in România. We used our experience to achieve the objective of maintaining and servicing every CNC of our clients. With 7 years of experience in CNC maintenance and 3 years strictly of servicing CNCs we accumulated a database of knowledge that we are share with our client 100%.

Since May 2019 we are glad to be service partner of bavius technology gmbh for România. bavius (known as Handtmann) is one of the worlds leading CNC manufacturing, making turn-key machines with  full 5-axis capability, having a solution  for any kind of application such as aerospace or automotive industry. All made in south of Germany.

We share same vision and philosophy as our partners; long term machine availability, continuous improvement of machine processes, high level of service and advices that help your business to be more productive, cost efficient, with no downtimes.

Berényi CNC is all about maintenance, service and non-stop expert support (hotline).


Because we can! We work with the best, for the best. Be your best version of you!