No-More-Collision on your CNC. Facts.

NMC (No-More-Collision device)  got a better trigger response, because from now we will measure dynamic and static parameters together, because of a new type of sensor.

Last week I had the honor to exchange some words with people from Machining industry, to find out that there are some big companies that works on devices like NMC by Berényi CNC.

I found how to improve the trigger time, or detection of crash moment. I share my device advantages, because I have a device that is plug-and-play, with my device you will not lose the warranty because NMC is a stand-alone device, and I discovered that NMC is actually a 3 in 1 product. Neither company do not provide collision detection, machine protection by process monitoring and vibration monitoring in a single product. Also, NMC will be available for X-Y-Z-axis AND spindle.

Now the facts!

There are some researches that show that a normal CNC try with every resources to execute the NC program code. This can be dangerous for your machine, and a collision cost you a fortune. A CNC detect a collision after 100ms. In 100ms you have already scrapped your part, damaged the tool holder and the tool. Machine response to overload will be in the next 500ms. At this time, the geometry of the machine will be not good anymore. After 500 ms the machine will stop because of overload, and you will need to change also the spindle. This “jurney” into the crash will cost  you around 30.000 Euro, and some days off for that machine.

Other researches show that the most causes for spindle damages are the bearings, around 85%. 50% off all bearing damages are caused by collision. Do the math, will you invest in a NMC device?

NMC (No-More-Collision) device will reduce your down time, will improve your productivity, keep your CNC in good condition, and save a ton of money.

We know, not every company is happy that we exist! 🙂 And yeah, it is #fabricatinRomania.

So, you can consider No-More-Collision CNC device as an improvement for your business, a retrofit for your CNC even if it is a new machine, an upgrade to the Industry 4.0.